Ophal 0.1-beta1 released!

After 11 months of hard work since the lastest alpha, the first beta release of Ophal is finally available! The focus of this first release is what will define this beta cycle: stability and complementary features.

Ophal is a CMS framework or CMF, lightning fast, resource efficient (CPU, RAM, I/O), flexible, extensible and durable. Already running on high traffic mobile and desktop sites serving 5 million page views to date. Worth to give it a try!

Let’s see what we have now!

New features

The Ophal web platform started as a web framework, upon which basic CMS features are evolving so that complementary features are required than mere content CRUD:


Some changes are required to make development experience a bit less complicated:

New defaults

New settings get added constantly, these are the new defaults:


Ophal is now Affero GPL version 3 (AGPLv3).

Bug fixes

Let’s list them in optimistic mood:

Load stats:
- Wall Time: 35.57 ms
- MemUse: 404.15 Kb