Ophal 0.1-alpha11 released!

Today, after almost 3 years and 253 commits, Ophal got her last Alpha release (yes! Ophal is female).

Go for it! Let’s play with Ophal, find defects and potential improvements, and report your feedback


Ophal’s first commit happened on Jun 19th, 2011. She born as a humble CGI script, now features support on major web servers and its looking to expand her community’s user base.

What is done

Looking at the Ophal roadmap, you will find the following:

The future

The alpha release cycle was just the beginning, we are now on the beta release cycle during the following ~12 months, and plan to release the first stable version the year after.

Looking for examples?

The lorem_ipsum module, located at /modules folder, is a good “Hello world!” kind of example. If you are more a front-end guy, take a look at the basic theme located at /themes folder, it comes with a few HTML templates and the style.css file.

If you have any further question please file a documentation issue.

Join the team!

These are exciting times for The Ophal Project, request your white belt to join [at] ophal.org, we need all help possible, don’t underestimate what you can contribute!

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