The Ophal Project joins the Sailor project

Open letter from Fernando Paredes García @develCuy, original author of The Ophal Project.
January 18th, 2016

There are many reasons to start a Free Software project, yet all of them share one root: Freedom.

My desire when starting this project, was to learn Lua, to make web development experience easier, to improve my productivity in my own projects, to save hosting costs and perhaps to contribute something useful to the world. I used my freedom to make those things happen and all of them were achieved, so myself can’t be more proud of that!

What to do when everything you wanted is done? Start a new dream!

While Ophal solves my needs and I’m quite happy with it, yet it is not as charismatic, so the community not adopted it as desired. Hopefully, at least one person other than me believes that what The Ophal Project achieved in about 5 years of hard work, can contribute to the growth of another project, it is, The Sailor Project, beautifully ran by Etiene Dalcol, who kindly accepted my request to join forces with her project, now ours.

2016 is the year when Ophal leaves solitude for the sake of a new dream:

Join The Sailor Project!

I wish you a wonderful 2016!

Fernando Paredes García
Founder of The Ophal Project

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