Celebrating 3 years of The Ophal Project!

This month I’m celebrating 3 years of Ophal and wanted to share this with you.

I started to play with Lua for web development in 2009, when decided to start the Nutria project), then it turned into something more ambitious when I decided to start The Ophal Project.

I have great hopes for seeing Ophal as a big project where the community participates together to make it succeed, so here are some numbers for you:

  1. Ophal can use 10 times less CPU (computing power) than PHP to render a web page
  2. Ophal can use 10 times less RAM (system memory) than PHP in order to function

And an interesting fact: Ophal is similar to existing web PHP frameworks, so you don’t need to relearn what you know or to move away from industry standards.

If you want to help me build the present and future of web development with Lua, email info [at] ophal.org and/or fork it at https://github.com/ophal/core

Kind regards!

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