The birth of Ophal project

I were very frustrated with PHP in my very beginnings doing web development (8 years to date). But 2 years ago discovered my favorite programming language: Lua, and then decided to start the Nutria project. For more than a year I have tried several ways to "port" my web knowledge to Lua, and finally two months ago decided to do use my new Lua skills for real world web development.

And the result is: "Ophal... a highly scalable web platform, easy to maintain and extend. It is not married with a particular technology, just the essence will be kept on any major change needed to achieve its mission". Let me remark that Ophal has many influences, but the highest comes from Drupal, more will be elaborated about it in the future. Also, I'm giving a lot of credit to Lua, but LuaJIT is the actual compiler used behind scenes.

So ┬┐where is this going? My hope is to see Ophal growing and flourishing, Lua is so small, flexible and powerful - at the same time - that brings a world of opportunities: "Lua users typically fall into three broad groups: those that use Lua already embedded in an application program, those that use Lua stand alone, and those that use Lua and C together." (Programming in Lua 1st edition by Roberto Ierusalimschy). Ophal would be an amazing project to bring together a diverse community.

Many thoughts come to my mind, but let the time show how this project goes. Your feedback is welcome, please let me know if you want to contribute, this will go anywhere without a community, join to this pioneering phase of the project.


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